Yves Saint Laurent Resort 2010

25 06 2009

I love so many looks from YSL Resort Collection.  Who can go wrong with YSL?  I have always been a girl who loves wearing things with volume, exaggerated silhouette, and slouchy sculptural shape.  I was never into the tight fitting clothes that would show loads of skin.  It was hard growing up with the sporty look and tight body hugging look of the states.  I was really influenced by so much of the Japanese aesthetic growing up in Asia.  I was lucky enough to get to travel in so many places at such a young age.  I was really drawn to YSL when I first visited Paris.  His work has a perfect combination between structure and fluidity.  The French does this proportion so well.


The coat is impeccably cut and it’s somehow looks over-sized and made-to-measure at the same time.  I applauded Stefano Pilati the designer behind YSL.   He is known to have amazing tailoring skills.  I also adore the exaggerated rise on the pants and the layering of the leggings.  I designed some slouchy pants for Autumn/Winter 09 with similar feel.  Taking inspiration from the Thai fisherman pants and the rock and roll look of Bob Dylan.  Anyhow, I love this combination.


I would live in this ensemble.


The gray and the yellow are gorgeous together.  The necklace is quite intriguing.  It has similar feel and shape much like a piece that Salwa brought back for me from Lebanon.  I find the drape on the pencil skirt really pleasing as well.


Beautiful voluminous sleeves.  This dress is dramatic, but classic at the same time.


Just lovely.


This feels like classic Yves Saint Laurent from the 70’s.  Truly an eye candy!




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