Our awesome Autumn/Winter 09 photo shoot

1 07 2009

Our dream team was back together again on Saturday.  What can I say?  They are amazingly talented group of people.  Plus they are a tremendous joy to work with.  No egos or no aloofness.  It was pure fun!  This is our first time of shooting in the studio.  We have been shooting on location for the past two seasons.  This was so dreamy to be shooting in door with perfect lighting, big computer monitor, working toilets, full kitchen and we were not freezing.  Thank you so much to Elizabeth and Marc for making this project realized.


The collection was inspired by music especially by work of Bob Dylan.  Marc and Elizabeth built this set for us.  All of the equipments are from Marc’s basement.  Photo courtesy of Marc’s blog, Dust Breeding.  Check out his wonderful blog here


More photos of our set via Marc.


Our talented hair and make up artist, Lori to the left with an amazing model Megan to the right.  I can’t get enough of Lori’s stories.  She was so funny and sweet.


Caitlin has been with us at every shoot and fashion shows.  I love working with her.  Here she is amongst all the samples steaming away.  Thank you Caitlin!


The beautiful Hilary.


The exquisite photographer Elizabeth.  Marc and Hilary on set.  I am so lucky to be working with Elizabeth and Marc again.


Nick to the left is Elizabeth’s husband.  He is also a photographer.  Nick has been very kind to help us out on all the shoots.  He is so wonderful and patience.  Here is Elizabeth looking at the shots.  It is so much easier to view all the shots on a big monitor.


Marc showing off his musical talent.


Megan rocking the set.  We truly enjoyed working with the fantastic Megan.


Jillian looking stunning before set.  Thank you so much for joining us for this project.


Thank you very much to Elizabeth and Marc for letting us invade your work space and for making my dreams come true.  Many thanks to Lori, Caitlin, Megan, Nicole, Hilary, Nick, and Jillian.  As I said before it takes a village to make IDOM works.  It has been a pleasure of collaborating with everyone. I always look forward to every season for our collaboration.  It is so rewarding to see all of our work comes alive.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time, your hard work, and your expertise.  Stay tuned for our collection photos.  Ta ta for now.




8 responses

1 07 2009

thanks for the kind words modi.
it was so much that it didn’t really feel like work (even though i was exausted afterwards)
everyone did such a fantastic job. i can’t wait to see all the best photos together. it will be hard to pick.

1 07 2009

yes, everyone did such a fabulous job! i agree that we will have a hard time picking out the photos. there were so many great ones. thank you, marc for everything. looking forward to see all the beautiful pics. 🙂

1 07 2009

can’t wait to see the outcome!!!

1 07 2009

i’ll post the images as soon as they come in. we love your guerrilla biscuit blog here at idom. our friend/buyer salwa introduced us to your lovely blog. thank you very much for your comment.

1 07 2009

oops, that was supposed to say “it was so much fun that it didn’t reel like work”

damn typos

1 07 2009

ha, ha! damn typos! i HEART your window. thank you so much for being our guest window dresser. you are the best, marc!

2 07 2009

I can’t wait to see the photos, this all looks great! Gorgeous set, gorgeous models, and gorgeous clothes. Glad it all went well, sounds like it was a fun shoot!

3 07 2009

it was so much fun! the photos are looking amazing. i am having a hard time picking them out. it was great seeing you. i love your new hair cut.

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