Please meet my village

3 07 2009

Many people have asked “how are you doing all of this by yourself?”  Running the business, designing the clothes, minding the shop, doing PR and marketing,  graphic design, online e-commerce, photo shoots, clothing production, logistics, legal matters, accounting, buying new products, cleaning the shop and much more.  As I mentioned before, it takes a village to make things happen at IDOM.  I could not do this without the help from my amazing group of friends, my sweet partner, and my brave parents.  Their relentless faith and love for me are beyond my imagination.  It has been two years of tough struggle to make the business work.  These are the people who have stood by me through the good and the bad times.  We had a delightful celebration of our new IDOM home on NW 23rd Street on Monday night.  It was lovely to see so many of my dear friends.


Marc to the left (so sorry we didn’t get a better photo of Marc).  He was our prop master, stylist and our guest window dresser for this month.  He has been a vital part of IDOM.  His beautiful wife Nicole is in the middle.  She designed our current look book and was our model for Fall 08.  Her wonderful best friend, Maura was also our model for the underwater shoot.  Salwa our delightful buyer was forced to mind the counter that night (again sorry that we don’t have better pic of Salwa either).  IDOM would not still be here without all of their love and support.


The stunning Maura in the Maura dress.  The piece was inspired by her.  Maura is so amazing inside and out.  The most kind person you will ever meet.  I’m so lucky to have met her.


The most beautiful and fashion forward physician ever!  She is the proud owner of an Amanda dress.  Linda has such an exquisite style.


The sweet Fuchsia to the left and Jessie to the right.  Jessie designed our online website layout.  She is a fantastic print designer of Pattern People.  The green dress in the center was named after Jessie.


Does this mean that I need to designing baby clothes?  Josh to the left with baby Thomas.  My dearest friend Sarah wears her Sarah blouse.  She is holding her baby Charlotte.  Sarah has been doing all the PR for our label since the beginning of time.  She was still hard at work while being pregnant with baby C.  This makes Charlotte a true IDOM baby.  Our friend Dan and the cute Jonah.  The great Trevor is married to Sarah.  To the farthest right is my husband, Brad.  He is my legal depart and enduring being married to a self employed small business owner.  He’s the best partner I could have ever hoped for.  Thank you for always supporting my dreams.


Delicious cookies from Two Tarts Bakery and lots of drinks.


Sorry Marc, I still don’t have a better pic of you.  Angie is in the center.  She is a do it all girl.  The blog layout and the online shop has been designed by her.  All the product photos and e-mail blast are under Angie’s department.  She is the most loving person and a wonderful designer.  We are saying goodbye to Angie at the end of August.  She is leaving us for a design school in Denmark.  We will miss her a lot.  My friend David to the right.  He wrote our online purchasing policy and a true IDOM cheerleader.  He is a brilliant film maker and a fantastic editor.


Gorgeous Jackie is in the hand loomed Tracey Ikat dress.  She has been so good to me and our little IDOM.  The dress fits her just so.  Thank you, Jackie!


Funny moment.  These two tried on the same blouse.  Heather to the front took home the Jackie blouse.  Jackie to the back is the person that the blouse was named after.


Please meet our talented photographer, Elizabeth.  She is the one behind all the beautiful images from so many of our collections.  Elizabeth is in an Elizabeth dress.  I LOVE working with her and Marc.  I wish we could shoot together every week!


Andrea to the right.  She has been helping us at the shop quite often.  The flowers were sent from Jennifer my old neighbor from Alberta Street.  The flowers are arranged by Beka of Origin Flowers on Alberta.  Thank you for the lovely flowers.

My friend Mary who has been with me since day one was away on her holiday.  She always keeps me grounded.  Also Lance the illustrator and the graphic designer behind the IDOM identity was ill and could not make it to the party.  Sorry that there are not any good photos of Nicole, Marc, Miles, Evangelina, Salwa, Caitlin, Beka, Jonathan, and Brett.  Next time I’ll get better photos of you guys.  Many thanks to all of my friends from New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Bangkok.  All of your US and foreign currencies really helped support IDOM too!  Thank you to my friend Sue for always letting me invade her house in New York with many trunk shows!  I’m also sending my mum and dad much love.  Thank you to them both for always believing in me.  And thank you to my lovely village!  This is truly a labour of love.




6 responses

5 07 2009

it was a great party to match your great new space. thanks for being a good host.
i feel like i dodged a bullet by not getting a direct photo of myself taken at the party. thank goodness.

5 07 2009

it was so much fun to have you guys over. thank you for a lovely compliment. you guys are my idom family. it was so nice to celebrate with all the good peeps. next time i will get your photo. i can’t believe that we didn’t get a good one of you. hope you and nic are having a good holiday.
see you soon,

5 07 2009

It really was a wonderful party, so fun to meet everyone I’ve heard so much about! So honored to be a part of the Idom family. 🙂

5 07 2009

hi maura, i feel very privileged to have you on this journey. can’t asked for a better family member. it all started with you walking in the shop buying a gift for nicole. then the fun begin! funny how one small event can change your life. so lucky to have met you. thank you for being such a good friend.

6 07 2009

It was a wonderful celebration Modi! I’m thrilled to be included in your Idom family! Such a lovely group of talented people. I’m excited for what your third year brings! XO*a

also Maura– it was so great to finally meet you!

6 07 2009

hi angie, we will miss you so much! thank you for being such an important part of an idom head quarter. marc called it “head quarter.” why not envisioned idom taking over the fashion world? 😀 it is really nice to have you in our family. wishing you a successful new chapter of your life in denmark.
glad you and maura finally met. see you soon.

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