Fantasy holiday

9 07 2009

Brad and I have been talking about how we haven’t traveled together or had a holiday anywhere with each other in such a long time.  Almost three years since we moved from New York and started the shop.  I found my old jewelry and some ceramics that I bought in Sydney a while back.  They brought back great memories.  Someday I hope that Brad and I can visit Australia and New Zealand together.  He would really love it there.  My dad has been going to Sydney every year for work.  He has been inviting us to come along.  Perhaps next time we will.   This is just me day dreaming about our make believe holiday.

Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia.  How I wish we could go swimming in the warm ocean.

amanda2.jpgMore beautiful Sydney.


My favorite shop in Sydney, Dinosaur Designs.  The best ceramics and jewelry.





Thank goodness that there is a Dinosaur Designs shop in New York on Mott Street.  Go check them out if you are in New York or visit them if you go to Australia.  Click here to view their work.  Hopefully we can start traveling together again soon.  It is lovely to dream.  Night, night.




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