Thank Goodness the Nicole Dresses are here!

24 07 2009

It took 7 extra sewers to complete the production of Nicole Dresses.  The original piece was draped by yours truly.  Our amazing production team had to re-draped each size on the form.  The paper pattern did not make any sense for the Nicole Dress.  That is why the draping had to be employed on each piece.  The process was challenging and time consuming.  I am sure our contractors were not so happy with me at all.  Live and learn!  Anyhow, the Nicole dresses are worth the challenges.


Thanks Nic for your inspiration of this dress.

Nicole Dress $550.




6 responses

24 07 2009

So stunning, well worth the effort. This dress is a true work of art, very sculptural!

27 07 2009

Can’t wait to see it again. Lovely work!

27 07 2009

thank you to you both! you two are my inspirations. looking forward to have nic wear the dress. see you soon.

31 07 2009

Gorgeous! I can’t wait to try it on.
(I’ll have to tie a sponge to my chin to keep the drool off of it. Heehee)

1 08 2009

can’t wait to see it on you, heather. you can drool all you want!!!
see you soon!

7 09 2011
Beach Dresses

Beautiful Dress! Bravo!!

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