The lovely Salwa Dress

26 07 2009

My friend Salwa has been helping me out at the shop for a quite a while.  She keeps me sane from the daily struggle of constantly hearing unwelcome and unkind comments from the masses.  One can go nuts being pushed over the edge.  She reminds me to write down all the positive comments when the wonderful ones appeared.  Thanks Salwa for always being such a good listener and a great friend.  Here is to Salwa and her chic sensibility!


Salwa Dress $385.




2 responses

27 07 2009

I discovered IDOM last week and have been obsessing over your store ever since. I purchased the yellow crocheted necklace and have not stopped wearing it. Thanks for having such an amazing shop and aesthetic!

27 07 2009

hi mao,

we are so happy to hear you are enjoying your new crocheted necklace. it makes our day! thank you so much for your kind comment and for writing about us on your blog. thank you!

salwa + modi

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