Solving any bad days with new pair of shoes!

29 07 2009

Today was one of those odd day.  It was very hot for Portland.  Nobody was really around on the street and in the shop.  I was content catching up on paper work and getting some more sketching finish.  I also cleaned and moved things around the store.  I had the most people right before I closed around 5:30 pm.  I was busy helping couple customers.  One in particular required a lot of attention.  She was sweet, but something inside me didn’t quite make any sense.  The woman was spending a lot of time in the shop and having me running around for things.  My tummy turned into knots as I was interacting with her.  She left and so are my three pairs of earrings.  It makes me so sad that she had to steal from me.  I know that this is a part of being in retail.  Shop lifting happens everyday.  I realized the logic of it.  However, it is still disturbing and painful.  I will have to personally pay for the earrings.  I have not paid myself in the last three years since I moved here from New York and started this business.  It effects my personal life and my ability to trust people.  I hate feeling this way.  I hope the woman is at least enjoying her new earrings.  I had to look at shoes to make me feel better.  Beautiful shoes always cheer me up!


Shoes by Dries Van Noten.  I have been admiring these for such a long time.


These beauties would wipe away my bad day.



These shoes and lovely feet belong to the famous blogger Miss Garance Dore.  They are Pierre Hardy Mesh Booties.

Shoes by Marjan Pejoski.  He designed the infamous Swan Dress for Bjork.  Personally I loved that dress.  Here we are still talking about the Swan Dress.  At least Bjork is always pushing the envelop.  I really respect her for doing her own thing.

Christian Dior Goddess Heels.  Many thanks to JAK & JILL for their amazing photos.  Please check out their blog here.

Promise to have a better day tomorrow.  Letting go of all the negative memories.  Ta, ta.




4 responses

29 07 2009

Hi Modi, I’m sorry about your bad day! Your positivity and energy is always so inspiring. 🙂 The good thing about bad days is that the next day will be better. Promise!

29 07 2009

Hi Anita,
You are right. The next day will be better! Thank you very much for your kind comment. Hope all is well in BC. Looking forward to see you again.
Thanks very much again for your words of encouragement.

29 07 2009

You are so positive about things, totally appreciate that. But I hope her earlobes fall off. 😉 I’m sorry somebody stole from you, I hate that feeling.

Those shoes are gorgeous! The top pair are my favorite, love the splash of color. Hope you’re keeping cool!

29 07 2009

ha, ha!! you are so funny! i love the fact that you said that her earlobes might fall off. hey, what goes around comes around. if she needs three pairs of earrings at one time. let her have them. she might not have any ears left by the time she got to the third pair. just kidding. 🙂

i adore the top pair from dries too. the silver bells on red straps reminds me of hill tribe people sensibility. they are work of art!
i am keeping cool with my ice coffee. hope you are too.

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