Meet my friend Jessie

1 08 2009

My dear friend Jessie is a surface designer behind Pattern People.  She is one of the most amazing designer that I have ever met.  Her style is so chic and always so creative.  It means the world to me when she wears my clothes.  We just got new woven tunic pieces.  This line is my first love.  They are hand woven 100% cotton and natural dyed fabric from northern region of Thailand.  I only have one size made for this collection.  All the pieces are meant to be worn oversize.   These lovelies have more modern architectural shapes.  This aesthetic has been with me since childhood living in Asia.  The Japanese have been taking this approach for many years.  Also you can see much of this silhouette in Scandinavian countries as well.  These pieces are dear to my heart.  DSC_0064

Promise to get more pics of these pieces.  Salwa is also a proud owner of the very same tunic/dress.  When I first met Salwa she understood these pieces right away.  Most people will ask of “why they are so big?”  She got it right away.  Plus that was the first piece she bought from me.  I knew she was a keeper!  🙂  My friends do keep me sane.  Thank goodness for my girlfriends!  You should check out Jessie’s blog from Pattern People here.  Their blog is so full of great inspirations from prints, to fashion to home interior and much more.




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