The beautiful Kristin made my day!

16 08 2009

Sometime I wish that I can create a pink bubble around me and the shop.  I am generally a happy go lucky person.  Yesterday, it was a different story.  I was so worried about the shop and feeling that self doubt again.  So many people came through the store with so many negative comments.  It was driving mad and sad.  I had to turn off the lights and sat there in quiet for 15 minutes.  I had to tell myself to just let go of  those negativity and surround myself with that pink joyous bubble.   Well, this e-mail came in time to rescue me from my blue moment.  Kristin contacted me about the Susan dress a while back.  I had one re-made especially for her.  She promised to send me her photo.  Here it is the beautiful image of Kristin in the Susan Dress.  She really saved me from my horrible bad bad day!  Thank you so much Kristin for sharing your photo with me.

New Image

Here is the kind words from Kristin.  “Hi Modi,  Here’s the photo as promised.  I have to tell you, every single time I wear that dress, I get a million and one compliments on it.  I wore it to a work reception and heard ‘what a stunning dress’ from so many people! Thanks again!”-Kristin

I treasured her sweetness and her kindness very much.  Thanks very much again for making my day so nice and bright.   Hooray the pink bubble has returned!!




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16 08 2009
Rich Burroughs

She looks awesome in that dress. That’s the same dress I think that made me stop and do a double take when I walked by your old shop on Alberta the other day. It’s lovely.

You’re very talented. People have different tastes, and some people are just never satisfied with anything. I’m glad your bubble is back 🙂

16 08 2009

hi rich, so nice to hear from you. sorry i have been mia since the big move. yes, it was the same dress that you sent me your beautiful pic. thank you for your lovely compliment. hope you are well and happy.
thanks very much again,

17 08 2009
Rich Burroughs

Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure you’ve been busy, I have to. I’ve had some deadlines and I’m getting a print ready for a show next month.

I was in the new shop a few weeks ago and shot a few pics with my little digital Leica. I’ll send them to you when I have a chance 🙂 I really like the shop.

Keep doing what you do, you’re very talented 🙂

17 08 2009

That’s awesome about the photo Modi. Don’t get down on yourself. Things will work out one way or another. You are amazingly talented!.. Times are just tough for everyone right now.

17 08 2009

She looks beautiful in that dress, love it!

Your work is amazing, Modi, you have so much creativity and talent to share with the world. There will always be too many critics out there, but believe me, you have your loyal fan base! I have complete faith that things will work out wonderfully for you in time. Don’t let their comments get you down, you know deep down that you are creating gorgeous work, don’t ever doubt it.


17 08 2009

hi maura and marc,

you have been such amazing friends to me. thank you and thank you for your friendships and your encouragements. I feel completely lucky to have such good friends. life can’t get better than this! thank you again for cheering me up.
hope you two are enjoying your day.

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