Yummy Food at Our 2nd Birthday Party

18 08 2009

Life always balance itself out.  When bad days arrived.  The good days usually followed.  Yesterday was so much better at the shop than the weekend.  People actually said hello, goodbye, please and thank you.  They actually looked at me and acknowledged my present.  Made my week!  Thank you to everyone for your sweet messages.  I think this is a part of being in retail.  It is just harder when all the pieces are my own work.  Difficult to not take it personally.  Got to practice more on letting go.  Here are some great things.  We made it at two years!  The 2nd Birthday party was fantastic.  Our friends Elizabeth and Tyler Gaston made us the most amazing food.  Jennifer baked us yummy deserts.  Delicious food, great drinks, and wonderful friends.  Life is pretty fantastic!  Thank you everyone for always supporting our IDOM!


Elizabeth, Tyler, and Jennifer are working hard.





The talented cook, Elizabeth.  All the vegatables came from farmers market.  Elizabeth rode her bike filled with yummy veggies and fruits.  Thank you so much for making us delicious treats.  Hooray we are two!




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