Saint James and Caitlin Skirt

17 09 2009

My friend Salwa and I love clothes.  We love how you can experiment with proportions, silhouettes, colours, textures, and anything and everything.  When you find a good combination, the perfect fit, or something fun and whimsical.  It makes our hearts fluttered.  Some of you are into various things such as music, food, hiking, films, books, and etc….  Our passion is design weather they are clothes, shoes, bags, buildings, objects, and art.  As any art historian and fashion historian can tell you.  These pieces created in certain period will tell you so much about what is going during that time.  We are going into Autumn season with lots of gray, black, bright red, yellow, pink,  brush stroke patterns, and floral patterns.  It is our way as designers to communicate that we know the economy is in such an unpredictable state.  However, the vibrant colours make us have some hope.  These prints and colours will certainly cheer you up.


We paired the classic Saint James Stripe tee with our Caitlin Skirt and bright red belt.  Thanks Salwa for letting me take your photo.


Close up of Caitlin skirt.  I had ropes sewn inside of the fabric.  It gives the piece some structure and the effect of modern caged skirt.  Come see us at our shop soon.  Enjoy your day everyone.




3 responses

17 09 2009

Cute, cute! I love that roping, such a cool element.

17 09 2009

thank you, maura! i miss seeing you. hope we can have a little reunion soon.

22 09 2009

Agreed, we definitely need to have one soon!! 🙂

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