Thank you Retail Therapist!

23 09 2009

My friend Sarah informed me that Willamette Week column Retail Therapist wrote about our window, Saint James Shirts, and Knotted Necklace.  Made our day!  Thank you so much to Retail Therapist.  Plus she made me so happy by appreciating my recent semi-what controversial window.  I was only channeling Simon Doonan via Barneys for window dressing inspiration.  I wrote out my manifesto in the window.  It was my way of finding humour in this crazy retail environment.  I mostly meet lots of nice people through out the day.  However, the ones that are absurd were so over the top.  I find that the manifesto helped me to stand up for myself.  Most people found it funny and loved it.  All my friends thought that it was a brilliant idea.  Well, it kept me sane at least for few weeks.

Picture 2

Retail Therapist wrote about our recent window and new product.

“Retail Therapist was on a recon mission earlier today and noticed this interesting display in the window of Idom Boutique on NW 23rd. The notes hanging in the window, written by Modi Soondarotok, are part screed, part declaration of independence and part answers to frequently asked questions—such as where she went to school (Parsons), if she’s going on Project Runway (NO!), and whether she makes everything in the shop (no—does Marc Jacobs make everything himself?).  A reaction to the new season of Project Runway? Inspired by New York Fashion Week? RT doesn’t know, but applauds Modi’s exercise in freedom of expression.”  Read more here.

DSC_0128The concept of my recent window is about the process of designing and making garments.  I had my sketch books, markers, colour pencils, pink sewing machine, and fabric.


My “controversial” manifesto to the world.  Several men high fived me on these notes.  Most people loved them.  Some not so much.  Hey, at least I accomplished my job as a window dresser.  The window worked.  It made people stopped and created some sort of opinions.  Simon would be proud.


Many thanks to Retail Therapist again.  Enjoy your week everyone.




6 responses

23 09 2009

So cool! I love your manifesto, feisty, creative, and fun. Just like you!

23 09 2009

Can you hear me screaming of joy in Denmark over your new window and your brilliance? I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. How wonderful (and scary) it must have been to let your voice out and just say it straight. Good for you! Also, I love your drawings and the fabric hanging in the background… I drool over it’s beauty.

23 09 2009
Garnish Apparel (Erica and Kate)

Modi! Good for you! Your window looks great!

23 09 2009

hi lovely ones, thank you so much for your kind comments! can you tell i’m developing some sort of back bones! 🙂 It feels so great to be direct and to stand up for myself and my work.
thank you so much again!

2 10 2009

Good for you!

3 10 2009

thank you, heidi! it is about time that i speak my mind. hope you are well. 🙂

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