Boots of Spanish Leather Blazer

2 10 2009

It has been quite busy in the last few days with new items arriving from my mother’s suitcases.  Lots of putting hang tags on all pieces, doing inventory and steaming.  I feel as if I have been steaming for weeks.  I had such a nice late afternoon break visiting with my friend Sally.  I made her tried on all the new pieces.  It was so fun chatting with her and seeing all the new clothes on Sally.  She made my day much brighter.  Thank you Sally for also giving a new hand loomed woven dress a lovely home.  Yes, yes you are supporting a family of three or four with your new dress.  You are the best!


Here is another brilliant blazer for your Autumn wardrobe.  Boots of Spanish Leather Blazer.  As you might be able to tell by now.  I named all the pieces from Dylan songs.  The Blazer isn’t leather or boots.  It is black silk tuxedo blazer, $380.  Ta, ta for now.




2 responses

2 10 2009

Love all of the new fall pieces. Can’t wait to come in and see them in person.

– Morgen

3 10 2009

looking forward to see you soon.
enjoy your weekend!

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