IDOM at Portland Fashion Week Friday Oct. 9th

5 10 2009

It is going to be busy month at IDOM.  We will be showing our Spring/Summer 2010 Collection at Portland Fashion Week on Friday Oct 9th.  Then Fashion Collective with Liza, Fuchsia, and Emily for Autumn Winter o9/10 will be on Monday Oct. 12th.  Content Installation at the Ace with take place of Sunday Oct. 18th.  Lots more information to come.

Here are some fabric samples from Spring/Summer Collection.  This inspiration for the season came from the work of Martha Graham’s contemporary dance.  The fabric in this collection represents the motion of the dances and its movement from the bodies.  There are lots of softness and warmth into this spring summer palette such as gold, silvery green, and gray.  Of course there are still some prominent of black.  Techniques of draping and fabric manipulation are employed to achieved the fluidity of movement.




Friday, October 10Portland Fashion Week

IDOM will preview pieces from its spring/summer 2010 collection.
Shows begin at 8 pm. at Vigor Industrial Shipyard

For more information and to buy tickets, please visit:




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