Hooray to The Sartorialist!

28 10 2009

It has been a tough road having a shop in Portland.  We are very lucky to have such devoted few customers that do live here in the city.  Otherwise most of our customers come from Seattle, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Canada, Germany and France.  We often hear comments that our clothes are too fancy and  too fashion forward.  The pieces would have no place to be worn here in Portland.  People usually say that Portland is such  a casual and an outdoor friendly city.  Our idom clothes would be too nice to wear them out daily.  I usually try to let them know that our clothes can be styled in many different ways.  One can dress them down or dress them up.  I have a hard time putting them into words of why I feel that it is important to be well dressed.  I always feel so much better when I have a lovely outfit on.  Plus I was taught to take pride with how I present myself to the world.  It is not about expensive labels or the latest trend.  it is about giving respect to yourself and your life.  You do deserved to wear beautiful clothes everyday not for anyone, but yourself.  Salwa sent me this post from the Sartorialist.  He described perfectly of how I feel.


“One of my favorite encounters on this book tour was my driver in San Francisco.

As you can see he was very elegant and practically oozed self-confidence, dignity and pride in his work.

I love people who show pride in their work, regardless of the job.

This man’s car was spotless, his shoes were shined and he knew exactly where he was going. He wasn’t dressed like that for me, he had no idea who I was, this was just another day and just another ride done in his own stylish way.

I’ve said this so many times before, and recently in the intro of my book. Even though this blog is about fashion I don’t really think about fashion when I look at this photo. I think about how he is communicating his sense of pride and self-worth; not by how expensive his clothes are but by how he wears his clothes, his posture and his politeness. This man is pure style.”  by the Sartorialist.

We adore Scott Schuman’s work and his down to earth fashion philosophy.  Please check out his blog here.  Thank you so much for reading, everyone!




2 responses

29 10 2009

I read and was inspired by the article and the photo…. enough that I am wearing my sassy business coat today and reaping the benefits of feeling good and raising eyebrows. We owe ourselves esteem treats, especially as the rain sets in to stay. And if folks are pondering if my date life is on the “up”, well more power to me.

29 10 2009

hi miss beka, i LOVE your comment! it made my day. i wish i can see you in your sassy business coat today. miss you lots!

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