My favorite People

29 10 2009

One of the best thing about having a shop beside doing what I love is to meet like minded people.  Evangelina and Miles are one of the loveliest individuals that I ever met.  They are sweet, kind, and so wonderful.  I have been very lucky to have met so many amazing friends through the shop.  Also, this season my mother got to be a part of all the shows.  She has been my inspiration, my rock, and my biggest fan.  Without her  and my father, there won’t be IDOM.  I count my blessings daily of how fortunate I am to be living this good life.  There are always lots of struggles, but also lots of joy as well.


Miles, Evangelina, and my mother Chintana.  Evangelina is wearing a Sea Urchin dress that was worn at her reception party for her wedding.  My mother is wearing a Maura dress.  They were cheering for me at Portland Fashion Week.  I was so happy to see all the friendly faces there.  And thank you to my sweet friends Caitlin and Salwa for making it all happened back stage.  Stay dry today.  It is gray and rainy in the P town.  Ta, ta.




3 responses

29 10 2009

Such a cute picture! How fun that your mom got to see your show. I really hope I get to finally go to your next one, I have the worst luck with having plans when these happen, arg. 😉

29 10 2009

hi maura, my mother loves your dress! i think she will keep one of them. i hope you had a good trip. looking forward to see you soon.
enjoy your day.

30 10 2009

Miles and Evangelina are two of my favorite people, too! Of course, Miles happens to be my son, be he’d still be on my favorites list if he wasn’t. 😉

I wish you the best of luck in your fashion endeavors and will stop by the shop again next time I’m in Portland.

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