Boots of Spanish Leather Blazers

31 10 2009

These tuxedo silk blazers are going fast!  I was so excited that the first proud owner was a beautiful Sharon.  The mother of our amazing buyer, Salwa.  The jacket is now living in San Francisco.  Thank you to Sharon and Salwa.  Second owner is my friend Jessie.  I forgot to take her photo.  I will try to talk to Jessie into letting me post a pic of her soon.  Jessie just moved to London on Wednesday.  I am happy that the blazer found another lovely home in the UK.  Of course yours truly kept one and my mother as well.  There are not too many pieces left.  Please come by and try these beauties on.


Salwa and I are starting to style more pieces for the blog with new items from our shop.  You might get asked to be our models.  🙂    We are hoping that it will give you some ideas of how one piece can be worn in many different ways and with various ensembles.  It is also fun to boss people around and have them play dressed up with us.  Boots of Spanish Leather Blazers $380 with draped white silk knit dress, $180.  Thank you to Erin again for being our wonderful model.  Please enjoy your weekend.

P.S.  Happy Halloween!




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