Boots of Spanish Leather Jumpsuit

21 11 2009

This piece is perfect for layering purposes.  Is it so chic and forward.  Well, at least in our world at IDOM.  We love it!

We have received some comments about these style of pants.  Positive and negative.  Some critics have said “why would a women want to wear these?”  “Would women want to look like that they are wearing diapers?”  Plus some said that you can only pull this look off if you are very thin.  Dearest my beloved critics.  These pants are inspired by Hill Tribe people and fishermen in Thailand.  This is nothing new.  I am only reinventing the wheel.  I am making it more modern by using global influence as my inspiration.  These kind of pants have been around for many centuries.  It is very interesting that various cultures around the globe have their own version of what the west called the “harem pants.”  One should perhaps pay more attention to world art and fashion history.

The jumpsuits are now in the shop.  Come give them a world.

This look can be pulled off by many shapes and sizes.  It is truly fun to play around with proportion.  There are different ways of styling this piece.  You can add another shirt underneath or wear it with a blazer on top.  The possibilities are endless.  The texture and the volume also make it flattering and interesting.  Why look like anyone else?  Be adventurous and try new things.  Life is way too short to live in a box.  Have a lovely weekend, everyone!  Thank you for reading.




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