Happy Fathers Day to our Thai King

5 12 2009

It is a very special day here in Thailand. Wishing our king a happy birthday. He is turning 82 today on December 5th. Hoping that he will feel better soon after staying in the hospital for the last two months. The people in Thailand adore the king. He is one of the harderst working person in our country. His passion for sustainability has been a prominent philosophy since his reign on 5th May 1950. He has many projects such as alternative energy, irragation, agriculture, art and craft and etc… We can feel his endless love for his people and his country. I feel so priveledged to have our king as my role model all my life. Also, I get to spend a fathers with my papa. It is so rare when we live on a different part of the world.

Bhumibol Adulyadej is the current King of Thailand. Publicly acclaimed “the Great” (Thai: มหาราช, Maharaja), he is also known as Rama IX. Bhumibol was born at the Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States on 5 December 1927.  He was the younger son of HRH Prince Mahidol Adulyadej and Mom Sangwal, (later Somdej Phra Sri Nakarindhara Boromaratchachonnani).  At the time of his birth, he was known in Thailand as Phra Worawongse Ther Phra Ong Chao Bhumibol Adulyadej.(พระวรวงศ์เธอ พระองค์เจ้าภูมิพลอดุลยเดช), reflecting the fact that his mother was a commoner.  His father was studying medicine at Harvard University.  His mother was a nurse.

Bhumibol (center) with his Mother and siblings (Ananda Mahidol brother (left) and Galyani Vadhana sister (right)).

During 1933 his mother took the family to Switzerland, where he continued his education at the École Nouvelle de la Suisse Romande in Lausanne. He received the baccalauréat des lettres (high-school diploma with major in French literature, Latin, and Greek) from the Gymnase Classique Cantonal of Lausanne, and by 1945 had begun studying science at the University of Lausanne.  He later on switched subject and graduated with degree in Political Science and Law.

We are enjoying the speech from the King this afternoon.  He is out for few hours from the hospital today.  I am so grateful to be back during this time. 

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your weekend!




2 responses

7 12 2009

I love this family photo, great blog today. so glad you are enjoying yourself.

9 12 2009

so glad you like the post today. i love the family photo too.
hope you are doing well. i just got back. it is so cold here. hope you are staying warm. can’t wait to see you.

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