IDOM Jewelry

13 12 2009

I have left the tropical weather behind.  Why?  I can’t say for sure at this point.  Oh, yes I have a shop to go back to.  It has been a hard transition coming back to the freezing cold of Portland.  I’m trying to remember my few last days at the beach eating mango and jack fruit underneath beautiful palm trees.  Swimming in 80 degree ocean was also good for the soul.  Although the weather here has been cold.  I still appreciated the gorgeous sunshine of crisp winter days.  It is nice to be back home with Brad and Stares.  I’m also looking forward to catch up with all the dear friends.

I went through my mother and my grandmother’s old jewelry.  Both of the women adored bold and exaggerated pieces.  Many of their favorite pieces have some element of textile and embroidery work.  I was inspired to do one of a kind necklaces while I was back in Bangkok.  Here is a piece that can become a bracelet.  You can detached the chain on both side.

I love fabric.  So the ribbon seem to be a good element for textile in jewelry.

Closer look on the necklace.

Playing around with shape of ribbon and adding more scale to the piece with larger beads.

I truly enjoyed designing jewelry on this trip.  They kept me calm and inspired.  More pics of jewelry soon.  Please come by and say hello.  Perhaps you can take some of these lovelies home with you.

Many thanks again to Caitlin and Salwa for managing our IDOM.  And to all the wonderful friends that helped out while I was away.  Big Thank yous to Emily, Michelle, David, and Andrea.




4 responses

15 12 2009

Amazing designs!! Can’t wait to see those in person! xo

15 12 2009

come by and try them on. it will be so nice to see you. sorry i missed you at the craft fair. hope you are well.

15 12 2009
Garnish Apparel (Erica and Kate)

Wow Modi, these are great! I love them! I’ve been making some jewelry with fabric and ribbons in them and this recharges me to make more and to push myself further. You are just so talented darlin’! Hope customers are flocking to Idom like moths to the light.
Miss you,

15 12 2009

hi erica, thank you very much for your compliment. i also love your jewelry too. they are always beautiful. i’ll have to come by and say hello soon.
miss you guys lots!!
hope holiday season is busy and busy for you.
see you soon,

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