We have lots of gift items

17 12 2009

We are still working under the dim lighting condition.  Our customers have been so patience with us.  Santa if you are reading this.  All I want for this holiday season is an electrician to fix our shop lights.  We are using lots of lamps to make a go of it.  Thank you to everyone who came by and took home beautiful things under the “new romantic mood lighting” at IDOM.  We appreciated all of your support during this challenging time.  I brought back some great gift pieces for holiday season.

Hand loomed and plant dyed blankets from North Eastern part of Thailand next to Laos border.  This is where my father was born and grew up until he was about 12.  We bought these pieces from the textile maker themselves.  They are $62 each.  It takes about 2 to 5 days to loom one piece.  Not counting the dying time.

Lots more hand loomed and plant dyed cotton scarves from Northern Thailand.  Ranging between $20-$32.

Hand knitted kitties from my parents neighbor in Bangkok, $36 each.  It takes about 3 days to make one doll.

hand knitted bunnies from the same neighbor in BKK, $36 each.

Animal coin purses brought back from Tokyo, $13 each.

Silk lucky kitties are also from Tokyo, $13 each.

Wishing all of you happy holidays.  Thanks very much for reading.




2 responses

17 12 2009

such beautiful gifts! I especially love the animal purses and kitties from Tokyo! XO-*a

17 12 2009

Love it all! And that off-the-shoulder dress in the background is just amazing!

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