Inspiration Corner

14 01 2010

I finally got the little space for the inspiration section up in the shop.  Hoping that it will give others a little glimpse of what it takes to design one piece of garment.  Also there is a great book from our favorite blogger The Sartorialist for people to look through.  I love his approach to fashion.  It is humble, thoughtful and unique.  It is not about the label or your economic status.  It is about how you translate those pieces into your own.  Clothing is one outlet of personal expression that we still possessed in our daily life.  Why not enjoy it?  Why look like someone else?  Why not make a mark into the world with your own signature?

Wishing everyone a lovely week.  Thanks very much for reading.




4 responses

15 01 2010

What a fun idea! I think it’s always amazing to see the process behind art, so much goes into it behind the scenes. Love seeing a bit of your creative process here, and those sketches are gorgeous.

15 01 2010

thank you, maura! i think the inspiration corner is keeping me sane. sometime it is hard to describe to others of what i do. maybe if they see the visual. they might understand a bit more about the design process. lovely seeing you last night. thanks for hanging out.
enjoy your weekend.

16 01 2010

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing your process and your beautiful sketches. Seeing the process feels like such a privilege– thank you so much for sharing! *a

17 01 2010

so happy you enjoyed the post. it is hard for me to share the process with the public. it is often so personal. sometime i just have to take the jump and go for it. hope you are well and happy.

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