Amazing Schiaparelli + Dali

25 01 2010

Thank you so much to our generous patrons for helping us raise money for Haiti relief fund in the past week.  IDOM will donate 10% of its sale from the last week to Mercy Corps. Thank you!

Enjoy some incredible pieces from Schiaparelli + Dali.

Skeleton dress (1938) and Tears dress (1938), both by Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dali:

“To many contemporaries the sinister black skeleton evening dress with its padded representations of human bones was an outrage – an offense against good taste. Although otherwise in elegant harmony with the prevailing lines of late 1930s evening wear, the skeleton dress is so constricted that it became a second skin and the imitation anatomy sat defiantly proud of the fine matt silk surface. Schiaparelli exaggerated the usually delicate trapunto quilting technique to make enormous ‘bones’ – the design was stitched in outline through two layers of fabric, then cotton wadding inserted through the back to bring the design into relief on the front. The shoulder seams and right side are closed by bold plastic zips.”

“Savage rips and tears cover Elsa Schiaparelli’s slender evening gown and head-veil. . . . The dress is printed, and the rips in the veil have been carefully cut out and lined in pink and magenta.”

If you are in London please visit these beautiful dresses for me.  Image courtesy of Victoria & Albert Museum.




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