Friday Inspiration

29 01 2010

I have been doing a lot of research on Samurai culture and its attires for the past two years while visiting Japan.  As I’m packing my big suitcases heading back to New York.  I thought that I do more homework of where I can see more pieces regarding Samurai culture.

It is my lucky day.  This 17th Century Japanese black lacquered samurai helmet is currently on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I can not wait to go back to the MET.

My friend Beka realized of my current obsession.  She sends me the photos of Chanel take on Samurai warrior armor.

Artist Tetsuya Noguchi has created some concept samurai armor suits designed to appeal to the fashion-conscious warrior. Made from resin, cashew lacquer, cloth and glass, the exquisitely crafted protective suits sport the iconic double-C logo, allowing the wearer to flaunt his superior social status while crushing the enemy on the battlefield.

Images courtesy of the MET and Chanel.

Wishing you a lovely Friday and a fantastic weekend.




2 responses

29 01 2010

I can definitely understand your interest, samurai culture is so intriguing! I remember seeing some of those outfits in Japan years ago and being impressed at the amazing intricacy. Enjoy your visit to the Met, can’t wait to see what creativity is sparked by it!

30 01 2010

thank you, maura. i’m so excited to go back to the met. i miss the good old days when i was able to go there and sketch all day. can not wait.
enjoy your weekend.

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