Return of the Voluptuous

23 02 2010

I am very delighted to see the cover of my New York Magazine this week with Christina Hendricks of Mad Men as a cover girl.  It is finally time to see a beautiful woman with curves.  It is refreshing.   More than one time a day I would often hear women criticizing themselves about their own bodies in the shop.  I hear this kind of self criticisms from women of all ages and sizes.  It makes me really sad that we are so hard on ourselves.  I try to say to them that it is not about the size that you wear.  It is about your confident, your attitude, and a proportion of an outfit.  Styling an ensemble well would change a person’s life.

I think that the word “voluptuous” has been missing for so long in our culture.  It is such a lovely way of describing a person.  Makes me think of all the beautiful women in the Renaissance paintings.

I just wish that we can celebrate each other.  Stop being so hard on ourselves and our bodies.  Embrace life and enjoy living it.  After all we don’t get to live for forever.

All images courtesy of New York Magazine.

Read more of Hendrick’s article here.




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