Meet Michelle

1 03 2010

Michelle has been one of the biggest IDOM fan even from San Diego.  She truly believes in our sustainable business practice and loves IDOM design aesthetic.  Michelle has come up with great ideas for IDOM to survive this hard economic down turn.  We often talk about of how to help people understand the connection about price point and fair living wage.  IDOM price point reflects our ethic in which we pay our amazing Thai sewers at US living wage of $11 per hour.  It is so important to be conscious of how we choose to buy.  Every time you buy something.  You are casting a vote for that product.  Thank you Michelle for having faith in our little IDOM!

Beautiful Michelle in our IDOM “Ballard of Frankie Lee Blouse.”  Along with the gold knotted necklace that Salwa found for our shop.  I am also spotting the zipper black bracelet on her right wrist.

She looks fantastic in our “Every Grain of Sand Blouse.”

Thank you Michelle for sending us your wonderful photos in our pieces.  You made us happy.




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