My Secret Obsession

3 03 2010

This site has been making me laugh and happy daily.  These guys are so cute.  I promised Nicole and Maura to share the link.  Here it is Tada’s Revolution.  You will be addicted too.  Enjoy!

You should really check out Tada’ Revolution.  The caption below for these adorable creatures are darling and funny.  They will make you really happy.  Have a fantastic week.

All images courtesy of Tada’s Revolution.

P.S.  Thanks Nic and Maura for a lovely visit and yummy dinner.  Little Gemma is beautiful.




5 responses

3 03 2010

These are so fantastic! I love them! Great to see you last night, glad we were all finally able to catch up. xo

3 03 2010

i’m glad you love them. they are so cute! it was so lovely to see you and nic. happy we finally got to catch up. have a good day at work.

3 03 2010

Oh wow. They’re so cute and have such humor, I love these! Great seeing you–and thanks for the Gemma compliment! 🙂

3 03 2010

happy that you are enjoying them. so wonderful to see you two last night. hope to see little g when she is awake. 🙂

14 05 2010

I love them and want some ❤

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