Life in Bangkok

10 04 2010

It is a complicated political situation here in Thailand. The Red Shirts group of people, attempting to drive the prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva from office and force new elections. The confrontation is part of a long-running battle between the mostly poor and rural supporters of the former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who was ousted by a 2006 military coup, and those who opposed him.

Thaksin, convicted of corruption and abuse of power, remains popular with the demonstrators, having enacted programs to aid the poor during his six-year tenure. His cheap medical and debt alleviation schemes, along with frequent visits with farmers, raised expectations and mobilized a rural constituency.

Now a fugitive abroad, the telecommunications tycoon is said to be funneling funds to sustain the Red Shirts whose numbers have at times swelled past 100,000.

This was on my way to get some fabric. The protestors closed shopping and financial district in central Bangkok.

Thai police in central Bangkok.

Life must go on. Long holiday here for our water festival, “Songkhran.” It’s a Thai New Year’s holiday. I love this flower market. It is filled with beautiful colours and so many tropical flowers. Getting some flowers for grannie for the holiday.

A lovely woman making an offering to the Buddha at the temple.

Spending a day being quiet.




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13 04 2010

I love these! It’s like being there with you. Thanks for posting them.

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