The darkest hour

13 04 2010

At least 21 people are now known to have died in clashes between Thai troops and opposition supporters in Bangkok, and more than 800 were hurt on Saturday April 10th. The worst violence came when soldiers and police made an unsuccessful attempt to retake an area held by opposition supporters on Saturday evening.

The soldiers fired tear gas and rubber bullets while red shirt protesters hurled petrol bombs, in the deadliest violence in 18 years.

The army has accused protesters of firing live rounds and throwing grenades. Thailand’s government said four soldiers and 16 civilians, including Hiroyuki Muramoto, a Japanese journalist from Reuters have died in the worst violence in Bangkok.

The last remaining 7 minutes footage from Muramoto was a key to an investigation as whom were using live rounds and hand grenades at soldiers and journalists.

This was during the riot on April 10th. I was at another market buying fabric and jewelry supplies. I didn’t realized that things have gotten worst that afternoon. The sky train and subway stopped running. It was a challenge making my way home. One of the saddest evening for our country.

Thai army armoured vehicles seized by the ‘Red Shirt’ protesters after overnight clashes sit next to the Democracy Monument in central Bangkok on April 11, 2010. Demonstrators vowed to remain on the streets of the Thai capital and bring down the government, the day after the country’s worst political violence in nearly two decades. The supporters Red Shirts of fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra said they would continue to occupy key areas of Bangkok.

Thank you very much to everyone for your loving messages to my family and I. We are doing okay. We are still mourning for the loss of the people and the uncertain future for this dear country.




7 responses

13 04 2010

Sending positives thoughts to you and your family from Northwest PDX!

– Morgen

13 04 2010

Please stay safe. My warmest thoughts to you and your loved ones. We’ve been following this story closely and thinking of you.


13 04 2010

I’m glad you and your family are doing all right, wow.

13 04 2010

My goodness, Modi. I’m glad to hear that you and your family are safe, but so saddened by all of this news. Thinking of you…

13 04 2010

Wow, Modi. I’m so sorry you, your family, and your country are going through such violence and turmoil. I hope a resolution can be met soon without any more lives lost. Please stay safe.

13 04 2010

I miss you! Hope you and your family are safe & well.
When are you expected back in Portland, all things permitting?

14 04 2010

hi dear friends,
thank you very much for thinking of us and your kind wishes. things have been a bit calmer these last few days. although the protesters are still remaining all over the city. we are not sure of what the next step would be. fingers crossed that the problem will be resolved soon.
thank you very much again.

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