The sea

17 04 2010

I just saw the post from Salwa of all the new brilliant Saint James pieces from France.  I wish I had some of the blouses to bring with me to the ocean.  Next time for sure.  If you are in Portland.  Please go check out new items soon.  I also have many new treasures for the shop as well.  Some of the new IDOM pieces will be in the shop this weekend.  Come by and say hello.  We also have great news to share with you soon about our IDOM adventure.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Thanks very much again for all of your well wishes during this tough period for Thailand.  Thank you.

I finally had time to go to our favorite beach spot in Rayong.  It is a fantastic province only about 2 hours from Bangkok.  I had to take couple days off from work and from the protest.  It was heaven.

We love all the islands down south.  However, Rayong has been our family favorite spot since I could remembered.  It is so close to the city.  The province is lovely and charming.  Lots of amazing fruits grow here in this region.

The sea was lovely and warm.  The pool was even warmer.  It was like swimming in a bath tub.

Lots of beautiful trees, plants and flowers around the property.

You can actually eat fresh lotus seeds.  They are delicious.

Jack fruits.

This cute little guy just got done swimming.  He is another resident greeter.  Had to take a nap after a nice swim.

A napping cook at the restaurant by the beach.

The mobile fruit cart.  Perfect way to get your snack.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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2 responses

19 04 2010

Such amazing photography! I can’t wait to visit Thailand one of these days, hopefully soon. xo

20 04 2010

I’m so happy you are enjoying the photos. Would love to have you in Thailand. We should organize an IDOM tour.
Hope to see you soon.

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