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19 04 2010

I was lucky enough to get my samples for A/W 10 finish on this trip.  It was an intense process this time around.  I’m thankful that everything worked out.  While I was back in Bangkok.  Everyone were so worried and stressed out.  I had to find someway to relieved some tension.  I started to work on more jewelry.  Here is one complete piece.  I’m still working on other pieces as well.

Some of the beads are from my mother’s broken necklaces.  The below light tan fabric piece is a felt wool from New Zealand.  My father brought back some wool for me from his last trip.

My parents got me this amazing silk scarf for my birthday while I was home.  It was from one of my old classmate’s boutique.  She designed her own prints.  I’m trying to talk her into making more fabric in this print for IDOM collection.  I can’t believe that my parents picked it out and surprised me with it.

Another birthday treat from my mum.  She is an avid textile collector.  I have been in love with one of her antique hand loomed silk fabric for a long time.  She had the print remade.  She  also added more silver lurex thread for modern feel to the silk.  Then she made it into a tote.  I really adore it.

I was working on this dress while I was away.  The act of manipulating, folding, and stitching fabric kept me sane with all the political chaos in Bangkok.  This dress is from an Autumn/Winter 10.

I found this printed silk in Japan.  I’m trying to do more colourful pieces.  Although I love my black and gray.

My dad kept asking me when I was going to design a dress that reminded him of trees.  He teaches environmental study and happens to of course loves trees and anything involved nature.  This dress was inspired by leafs and barks.  Dad approved it and said that the dress felt like a tree.  Mission accomplished!  All the new dresses above will be in the Autumn/Winter 10 Collection.  They will be available in September.  Sorry about my feet below.

I’ll be back at work today (Monday).  I finally got most of the new pieces priced during my jet lag hours.  Please stop by and check out new items soon.  Looking forward to catch up with you lovelies out there.

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6 responses

19 04 2010

Hi Modi!!

Glad you are back safely. I too am in love with the beetle print, I would wear that in a heartbeat. Love the tree inspired dress. Will likely be in your neighborhood tomorrow, hoping to stop by and catch up. Excited to see what new pieces are in the shop.

19 04 2010

Hi Caroline!
I was just thinking about you. I brought the dress that you loved with me. The parcel was send back to Bangkok. Sorry about the delayed. Looking forward to see you tomorrow. Can’t wait!

19 04 2010

all of it looks amazing.

20 04 2010

thank you so much, marc! hope to see you soon.

19 04 2010

I love the new pieces!

20 04 2010

maura, you’ll have to come by and try new pieces soon.

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