New Beautiful Jewels

24 04 2010

I’m heading off to work in a bit.  I have been hard at work pricing our new IDOM jewelry.  Here are some pics of the new beauties.  I’ll take more photos today.  Happy to be back in the shop all weekend.

More left over trims turning into bracelets.  They are $24 each.  My parents are quite excited to have their house with less trims, zippers, and buttons.

I love mixing various textures together.  Strings and leather pieces.  They are $16 each.  I just had them out yesterday.  Only 2 pieces left.

Necklace designed by yours truly, $46.

Again mixing gold leather snake print material with sparkly metal, $48.

Hand embroidered bib necklace.  I sketched out the pattern and my amazing neighbor in Bangkok, Pi Aoi hand embroidered the whole piece.  Have a great weekend!  Please stop by and say hello.  I’ll be the one behind the counter pricing more jewels.  Ta, ta.

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