Hooray to Spring!

25 04 2010

The weather in Portland has been sunny and lovely.  It is a pleasure to wake up to a blue sky.  When I returned from Bangkok the immigration officer told me that I was lucky to come back to warm sunny Portland.  He was right!  I don’t feel too much of the climate shock.  It has been such a treat to see the trees and the flowers in full bloom.  Enjoy the beautiful Sunday everyone.

New “Song” dress, $154.  I was wearing this sample every other day in Bangkok.  It is perfect dress for warm sunny weather.

This necklace is from Erica Weiner a jewelry designer from New York.  This collection was found by our new IDOM partner/buyer Evangelina Owens.  Salwa, Caitlin and I are very thrilled to have her on this adventure with us.  I promise to introduced her to you soon.  She will post more about Erica Wiener as well.  This necklace is $114.

More beautiful work from Erica Weiner.  You should really visit us and give these beauties a world.

My new favorite caftan “Spring Light”, $124.

Off to work.  Wishing you a happy sunny day.

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