Lovely Jewels

27 04 2010

Here is another lovely necklace.  The round clay beads were made with Thai traditional method.  Also naturally dyed.

This piece reminds me of the ocean.  The round clay beads in cream, blue, and brown feel a bit like coral.  Of course the cluster of various shapes make me want to go snorkeling again.  This piece is $72.

These heart shaped rings are back.  It was very difficult to get them this time around.  My friend who has a boutique in central Bangkok designed and had them made.  Her shop was closed for several weeks due to the protest.  We had to meet at the shop to get these rings in the middle of chaos.  Again if only these rings can tell you their story.  They are $38 each.

It is raining here today in Portland.  Hopefully the rain is making all the trees and flowers happy.  Thanks very much for reading.

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2 responses

1 05 2010


loved your boutique and all the bracelets i bought from there 🙂 i don’t know if you remember us, the 4 asian girls visiting from los angeles last week. i hope to visit your blog often for inspiration and ofcourse more shopping. i’ll be on the lookout for more of your beautiful jewelry pieces. please continue to post more of them on your blog! thanks!

1 05 2010

hi susan,

of course i remembered you. i am so happy that you are enjoying your bracelets. i’m sorry about the awful men that made all of those racist comments. hope you had a better time after the horrible incident. thank you so much for reading our blog. i’ll keep posting more pics.
thank you again for supporting our little idom,

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