Wishing you well

17 05 2010

My country has been through so much.  This is the 11th week of the unrest in Bangkok.  All the phone calls have been stressful and scary.  I feel hopeless being here.  I would rather be home along with my family and friends.  I wish that there was a way to wipe away the sadness and the chaos.  I know that I read way too much news on BBC.  Every morning I would read news on all the continents.  Sometime it is hard to start a day hearing about an on going genocide in the Congo or constant conflicts in the middle east.  I feel that we are all in it together.  Eventually that conflict in an unheard tiny country will touched your life in someway.  I hope that my quiet prayers will bring some hope in this challenging time to whomever you are and wherever you maybe.

The monks writing down their wishes and prayers on the saffron fabric.

Wishing all of you well.

Posted by Modi




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