The longest night

19 05 2010

I’m sorry to report that things have gotten worst in Bangkok.  I still can’t get through to my parents.  Hopefully I’ll get to hear their voices soon.  The red shirt group leaders have surrendered.  Unfortunately the protesters refused to go home.   The troops stormed the barricades of the red shirt group.  There were over 20 burning buildings through out the city.  One of my friend’s shop was burned down in central Bangkok.  The city looked and sounded like war zone.  There is a curfew tonight in the city.

Please forgive me for my sad post.  I know that this is not your usual fashion blog kind of content.  I just feel that this is an important part of my life.  It is life reality for me.  There are some great days and some really bad days.  Hopefully we will get through it and move forward.  I can then have more beautiful things to share with you.

All photos courtesy of BBC.  You can read more about Thailand here.




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19 05 2010

Sad events, each life lost is very sad

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