The day after

20 05 2010

Many hours of worrying and trying to ring my parents.  I finally got through to them for few moments late last night.  They are alive and hanging in there.  There were 31 building burning all over the city.  The red shirt protesters set fire on banks, shops, malls, tv station, and hotels.  A night time curfew put in place on Wednesday in the city and 23 other provinces has been extended for three more nights, in a bid to prevent a resurgence of unrest.

The fire by our house in Bangkok.

Smoke rises from the fires that burned all night at Central World shopping mall, attacked by red shirt protesters venting their anger against the government.  Yesterday’s operation finally evicted the protesters after a six week takeover of Bangkok’s major shopping district. So far over the past several weeks 44 people have been killed and 400 injured during the endless political turmoil that has plagued the capitol city.  Unfortunately this building finally collapsed.

The gutted Siam Theatre in Siam Square.  This cinema has been one of my favorite childhood place to go see movies.  I literally grew up in this area hanging out in cafes, museums and shops.  I still can’t believe some of these places are completely gone.  I’m truly heart broken.

In front of Zen Department store at Ratchaprasong.  The building is now collapsed as well.

My parents tried to make sure that our amazing sewers are okay.  They have only been able to get through to 2 sewers, Pi Aoy and Pi Chutima.  They are both hanging in there as well.  The shops that I often buy my knit fabric are now gone.  Due to this unfortunate unrest in Thailand.  Our production process is extremely effected.  My new pieces for summer will be delayed.  The post and shipping companies are all shut for the moment.  As my dear friend Evangelina putted it so well.  Thailand is an IDOM life line.  Without our small village of sewers, textile makers and my parents.  There won’t be beautiful treasures for any of us to enjoy here in the states.

There is so much division and anger amongst Thai people.  It will take time to heal the wound.  I’m praying that peaceful resolution will be reached soon.  Many thanks to all my sweet friends for their good wishes to my family and to the beloved country.




2 responses

21 05 2010

Oh, Modi! I’m so relieved to hear that you finally got through to your family, but so, so sad to see what’s happening to your hometown. You’re in my thoughts every day.

21 05 2010

Many thanks to you Susan. Yesterday was 20 hours of hell not knowing how my family was doing. I’m happy they are ok. I still can’t believe all of this happened. I just don’t know how to wrap my brain around it. Thank you so much again.

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