Relaxing Monday

24 05 2010

Portland has been experiencing the rain fall all week.  It has been gray and a bit cold.  Everyone is ready for the summer sunshine to be back.  I am trying to remember that the rain makes the trees and the plants happy.  Lately the type of rain reminded me of the monsoon tropical rain.  The rain even smelled like home.  My up coming collection is inspired by forest, nature, rugged landscape, ocean, sky and rain.  Enjoy some pics for my inspiration from  A/W 10 of the beautiful rain forest from Australia via my father.

Thanks very much again everyone for your kind wishes to Thailand and to my friends and family.  Many people including my parents were out cleaning up the debris in the streets.  They were thrilled to see young people joining in and helping out their city and their country.  They were happy to witnessed the sense of community and compassion amongst their fellow neighbors.  Wishing you a lovely week.

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2 responses

24 05 2010

Have thought of you daily. Have been home since I saw you last, nursing a broken wrist. Long story. Will stop by to visit when less foggy with pain medicine. Bright thoughts for you on gray days.

24 05 2010

oh, no i hope you are okay. i’m sorry to hear that you have a broken wrist. please feel better soon. thank you for your good thoughts. hope we can catch up. feel better!!

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