Lovely Studio

1 06 2010

I have been wanting to create my little studio in our living space for a long time.  I am tired of crawling around on the floor with my patterns.  Plus I tend to leave things pretty messy with papers, fabrics, pins, and lots of threads.  These tear sheets have been on my walls for a long time.  Hopefully they will inspired me to create a lovely working space.  This is Manon Gignoux’s Paris studio.  The tear sheets are from one of my favorite magazine World of Interiors.  Her studio is quite amazing and charming.

Manon creates fabric sculptures, dressed household objects, clothes and accessories.  Every single piece is unique and exquisite…

She uses uniforms from early 20th century workmen and women, and her textile collection is, well, c’est à mourir (to-die-for)…

Manon’s studio is part of a residents for artists. Her kitchen is full of lovely old crockery, all on display, and the back wall is covered in peony wallpaper which she found at a brocante

I just found this incredible story of images by Japanese photographer Makiko Takehara who photographed Manon and her Paris studio for Japanese fashion magazine so-en. They take my breath away.

Please view Manon’s work here.

I’m on my last push to finish all of my A/W 10 samples.  I’ m very late this time around.  I guess it is late than never.  Wish me luck.  Enjoy your day everyone.

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