Weekend Inspiration

5 06 2010

The sun is finally out on this beautiful Saturday morning.  It is amazing how a blue sky makes everything looks so much more alive.  Our Stares has been laying out in the sunshine by the big window all morning.  Her fur is quite warm and cozy.  What a lovely morning.  Here are some eye candies.

A fabulous dress for the summer via Vanessa Jackman.  Salwa introduced me to this fantastic blog.  Vanessa has amazing sensibility.  You should check out her blog here.  Plus she has been shooting in Australia.   Makes me want to go back so bad.

I love the yellow harem pants and how she layers all the pieces.  And her sandals are brilliant.  Via The Sartorialist.

Jane always takes lots of risk.  We often see her with volume, oversize pieces and out of the box designs.  I really admire her for not caring of what people think.  She wears what she loves.  She doesn’t often follow the current trend either.  Wonderful confidence for someone who is only 17.  Via her blog Sea of Shoes.

Evangelina and I will be at the shop today.  Come by and meet our new partner.  We have so many treasures in the shop.  Enjoy your Saturday everyone.

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