Motion and Change

8 06 2010

I really love the fact that we are in constant motion and change.  Nothing stays the same.  The beautiful visual that you can really experienced the impermanent of life is the sand mandala practiced by Tibetan Buddhist monks.    Exquisite different colours of sand constructed in brilliant complicated geometric patterns.  Work that takes many hour of skills and patience then destroyed once completed.  Symbolizing the cycle of life.  Here is stunning work of drawing in the sand by artist Jim Denevan.

“Jim Denevan makes temporary drawings on sand
earth and ice that are eventually erased by
waves and weather.”  Via his website.  View more work of Denevan here.

Speaking of change and challenges.  Some of the lights at the shop are still not fixed.   The website including idom email accounts are down.  Hopefully it will get sorted out soon.  It is a good practice of not reacting in a frustrating situation.  I just have to remember to breath.  In the mean time you can still check out the blog.  If you need to get in touch with me.  Please email me at my personal address, or ring the shop + 1 503 477 6818.

Wish me luck!

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