New Pieces + New Jewels

17 06 2010

Working in retail sometime can be hard on the soul.  Especially when there are some unsolicited advices, critique on the clothes, on the brand, on the shop, and how I choose to practice my business.  It is hard to keep on smiling and nodded.  I try not to react and to be polite.  I also try to let go of all the negativity.  But, sometime I just want to say that my shop is like my home and my temple.  You are coming into my space.  Please be respectful and kind to my business partners, myself, and my home.  Most people are wonderful.  Only few bad apples.  Monday and Tuesday were really lovely.  Lots of travelers were visiting the shop.  I met a really amazing woman from Idaho, Bonnie who rides motor bike with her husband across the states, South America, Europe, and Africa.  She was brilliant.  Adventurous, open minded and pure joy to visit with.  Another family from Denmark also renew my faith of why I’m working so hard to keep the little label and the shop going.  They too were so full of life.  It is truly refreshing to meet compassionate, loving, respectful, and curious group of beautiful people.  Thank you for making this journey so much better.  Cheers to all the adventurous souls out there!

New Ikat skirt.  My personal favorite of the season.  I just love Ikat so much.  The fabric was bought in Kyoto.  Pairing with oversized shirt from Alternative Apparel.  The bib necklace was made by me.

Oversized summer Ikat blouse, $135 with a macrame necklace from Argentina.

Ikat skirt, $165.

The star earrings are back.  They are $35 per pair.

The star layered necklace is back as well.  Designed by yours truly, $76.

Silk knit dress, $86 paring with Erica Wiener Map of France necklace.

More summer silk and cotton knit dresses and tunics ranging from $58-$86.

My lots of critiques day ended with a delightful surprise from my dear friend Evangelina.  The flowers are so beautiful.  Thank you so much.  You made my day!

I’ll be away for a little while.  Please visit Evangelina, Salwa and Caitlin while I’m gone.  They would love to see you.  Thanks very much for reading.

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5 responses

18 06 2010

I love reading your blog Modi! and you are such a beautiful beautiful person!

21 06 2010

Thank you very much, Anita for your lovely comment. I’m so happy you are enjoying the blog. It was so nice seeing you a while back.
Thanks very much again,

27 06 2010

I know how it can be sometimes, when people are untactful. Here’s my critique, Idom is perfection. I can’t wait to come check out all of the new inspiring pieces. Thanks Modi for your beautiful work and lovely positivity.

28 06 2010

hi lindsay, you are so kind. thank you very much for your wonderful critique. can’t wait to see you. enjoy the sunshine.

29 06 2010

IKAT! Love love love it.
When are you leaving? Can we get sushi before then? 😀

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