Cabin in a Loft

11 07 2010

I just want to say thank you so much to my dear partners in crime Evangelina,Caitlin, and Miles.  What would I do without you three?  We survived Friday show, Saturday show and Street fair.  Many thanks to our IDOM girls Lindsay, Sarah, Ruth, Iris, Cory and Amanda.  Big thank you again to Sole Struck for the amazing shoes.   I think that all of us deserved a mini holiday at this point.  Promise to post pics of the shows soon.  Dreaming of going camping.  Thought that this cabin in a loft is such a brilliant clever idea.  A mini holiday in your own home.

“Conceived of as houses within houses, the cabin and treehouse serve as private sleeping cabins, each with its own semi-private garden set off from the shared living space.” Designed by Terri Chiao.  Two bed rooms loft in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Check out more of Chiao’s work here.

Caitlin and I will be at the shop today.  Another day of Street Fair.  Hooray!  Evangelina, Miles and I have been redesigning the layout of the shop.  It looks much more open now.  It is fun to always moving and changing things around.  It keeps us happy and excited.  Please swing by and say hello soon.

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