13 07 2010

Some of you have asked me of what it is like to be an independent designer and a small business owner.  Most often time I would answered with pride and say that I love it and that I am so privileged to have this job.  Behind all the beauty and creativity often comes struggle.  I try not to share my frustration and my worries on the blog.  The truth is doing this is very hard.  On top of it all life happens.  My car just got broken in last night along with my IDOM babies.  I was only gone feeding my sweet friends’ kitties for 30 minutes.  Also I haven’t had a day off for 11 days.  I haven’t really got any sleep from all the shows.  I am trying to take a deep breath and to have a perspective.  I hope whom ever kidnapped the babies are taking good care of them. At least the thief has really good taste and probably looking very chic.

My good old Honda got hurt too.  So sad!  The first thing Brad said to me was that “I’m so glad you didn’t get hurt.  Let the thief enjoy some good fashion.”  Always can count on B for perspective.

One of Phaedra’s Dream dress is gone.

Letter To The World jumpsuit has been kidnapped as well.  Only one was ever made.

Boots of Spanish Leather was one of the victims amongst other pieces.

If you see some of these pieces roaming around Portland.  Let me know.  I am off to get my window replaced.

P.S. Thank you so much to Carolyn for giving the dress and the Gautier shoes a great home.  It was so nice seeing you.  You made my day so much brighter.  I guess you have to take the good with the bad.  And thanks to Tia for reminiscing about our beloved Thailand with me and for always supporting IDOM.  You guys made up for my lost!

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13 07 2010

What is it with Portland fashion thieves? I had a Chinese coat from Beijing stolen along with some bills (the bills got returned).

So sorry it happened to such lovely clothes and such a wonderful designer.

15 07 2010

i’m sorry you were a victim to fashion thieves too. thanks michelle for your support. i’m okay, still taking a deep breath.

15 07 2010

Modi, I am so so sorry. It happened to me once in Seattle with almost $8000 of research equipment in my car. It was stupid of me to leave it but its nice to think the community around you are people you can trust. Im so sorry again. Bob and I will bring you some cookies, okay? – Kat

15 07 2010

hi kat, thank you for your encouragement. i’m so sorry it happened to you too. hopefully this will be the last strings of unfortunate events. so nice that you will bring me some cookies. thank you. can’t wait to see you and bob!

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