More pics from Up In The Air

14 07 2010

Thanks very much everyone for your sweet kind messages yesterday.  I got some sleep and life seems a lot better today.  I learned how to file a police report yesterday.  Then waited for quite sometime to get my window replaced in the afternoon.  I ended up sitting outside in the sunshine reading and drinking strawberry smoothie.  It turned out to be a relaxing afternoon.  It was a nice surprise.  Here are some more beautiful images from Up In The Air.

Lindsay from Sole Struck (aka Shoe Goddess) borrowed some pieces from IDOM and paired them with their great shoes.  Thanks Lindsay!

This is Shadow dress paired with Sole Stuck shoes.

Acts of Light Dress with Sole Struck.  All photos above taken by Miles Johnson.

These images are from Crave Portland.  Courtesy of Bunn Salarzon.  Finally some great photos of shoes from Sole Struck.

Our IDOM girl Sarah.

Amanda to the left and Ruth in the middle.  So sorry I haven’t met the woman to the right.  They all looked beautiful getting ready for the show.

Amelia with IDOM A/W 10 dress with Sole Struck shoes.

Ruth N is looking great.

Here is our Amanda with Desert dress A/W 10 along with fantastic shoes via Sole Struck.

Stunning Sarah with Charmonix dress A/W 10.

Shall We Dance Dress from current season S/S 10 that Lindsay borrowed with their Sole Struck shoes.

Sole Struck Shoes.

Photos via Crave Portland, courtesy of Bunn Salarzon.  You can check out more pics from Crave Portland here.  You can also check out images on Bunn Salarzon’s blog here.

Wishing everyone a lovely week.

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2 responses

14 07 2010

Wow! Amazing work! So glad today feels better than yesterday. You deserve a big break! See you soon.

14 07 2010

Thank you, Nic! Can’t wait to see you.
Enjoy little Gemma and the sunshine.

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