23rd Ave Celebration

15 07 2010

We are so excited that the 23rd Ave road construction finished early.  It was challenging, but worth the difficulty.  The street is now without potholes and the sidewalks are so much better.  Our street had a celebration last Saturday with fashion shows, street fair, pet adoption, roller derby and much more.  Here are some images from the show.

Our IDOM girls, Amanda to the left, Ruth, Iris, and Cory.

Cool shoes

Wonderful Iris is doing her own hair and makeup.

Everyone were up early the next day from our Friday night show Up In the Air.  We have an amazing team.  Josh to the left, Evangelina and Cory.

Josh is Evangelina’s brother and Cory is his wife.  He is an engineer and she is a scientist.  Cory is such a trooper.  She was a perfect model for our little label.  Smart and beautiful!

Our beautiful girls are to the left waiting for the show.

Our Iris was so good.  She volunteered to walk with the dog for an adoption program plus carried our big IDOM bag.  She did great!

Iris models an Imagined Wing dress.

Brilliant Ruth wears Acts of Light Dress from current season S/S 10.

Cory did a perfect job.  Her first show ever.  She wears Shadow dress also from S/S 10.

Amanda was so fantastic with the dress from Up in the Air show.  I decided to have her modeled the new Desert dress from A/W 10.  The rest of the dresses are now in the shop.

Thanks very much to our IDOM girls!  Many thanks to Evangelina and Caitlin for being such good partners.  Thanks to our in-house photographers, Josh and Miles.  All photos by Miles Johnson.  It takes a village to make this little label works.  Thanks very much again everyone!

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15 07 2010


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