Friday Inspiration

16 07 2010

I am a big fan of sharpies and good pens.  You can often find various colours of sharpies and pens tucked in my hair.  Or to do list written down on the back of my hand and along on my arm depending on how much I have to accomplished that day.  Bad habit from design school.  I was thrilled to find that someone else is obsessed with sharpies too.  Her name is Johanna Greenish.  A recent grad from University of East London.  I love her hand-drawn lines and edges from sharpie.  Her silhouette, sculptural shape and volume are quite amazing.  Enjoy some eye candy on this bright sunny Portland summer day.

Greenish’s construction techniques are also incredible.  These pieces are out of this world!   Truly works of art.  All images courtesy of Johanna Greenish.  You can view more of her work here.  Wishing you a lovely weekend.

P.S.  My sweet friend Evangelina brought me a brand new pack of sharpies last week.  She knows me so well.  Thank you Vanj. You are the best!

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16 07 2010

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