Happy Sunday!

18 07 2010

I just read very inspiring interviews of Ann Demeulemeester.  I have loved her work and adored her even more after reading the interviews.  Strong, brave, talented and a rebel in her own right.  Plus she gets to live in Le Corbusier house in Antwerp.  It is the only house that he ever built there.  My first collection was based on Le Corbusier’s work.  Ann is a lucky woman indeed.

A quote I like from an interview magazine article.   Ann Demeulemeester on whether she thinks its harder for designers now starting out, than when she started in the ’80s:

“It’s never been easy. When I think back on what I did, it wasn’t like I waited until god fell out of the sky to help me. I just thought, If I want to do something, let’s do it. I had a lot of patience and went step-by-step. I made a little rack of clothing and I did it all by myself. I think, theoretically, yes, it may be more difficult to start today with the way things are. But I don’t like to say that, because I believe that if you have something to say, then you just have to do it. Good work finds its way in whatever time you’re in. If you want to start, then start, and don’t find a million excuses not to. It’s always a difficult time. When was it easy?”

She is so right.  When was it easy?  Life has never been that easy for most.  You can’t be afraid to take risk and start something that you truly believe in.  Thank goodness that I was raised in the East.  My parents always instilled the philosophy that life is filled with struggle and suffering.  But, it also filled with happiness, joy and love.  You just have to find a center within yourself.  Evaluate if this is the good path for yourself and then go with it.  Thank you Ann for your wisdom.

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