Hello Bend!

26 07 2010

We had a great weekend shooting in Bend.  Beautiful landscape, fantastic models, amazing team and of course yummy food.  Perfect fun adventure.  Take a look.

Beautiful view at Elizabeth’s childhood home.

Many thanks to Elizabeth’s wonderful parents John + Leslie for letting us invade their ranch.  They were gracious and generous hosts.  They cooked us many delicious meals.  None of us wanted to leave the ranch.  Thank you so much Leslie + John!

Our talented fantastic Maria the make up artist and lovely Zoe.

Elizabeth to the right is our incredible photographer turned hair stylist for that morning.  Katie our delightful stylist is in the back doing Ruth’s hair.  Maria works on the makeup.  Beautiful Ruth is in the middle.

Can’t asked for a more perfect location.

The stunning Zoe.

Gorgeous Ruth.

Our dream team.  I can’t expressed of how much I truly enjoyed working with these brilliant professionals.  Katie our stylist is funny, smart, beautiful and such a joy to work with.  Elizabeth is in the middle.  She has been shooting all of IDOM collections for the last 3 years.  I’m so grateful for her friendship.  She is talented, gorgeous and kind.  I love working with her.  Maria to the right is a fabulous hair and make up artist.  I adore her sensibility.  She is lovely, wonderful and so much fun.  Thanks very much for making this collection comes alive.

Also many thanks to Nick for always being such a good trooper.  The shoot won’t be complete without him.  Big shout out to Marc.  We miss you!

Nick, Zoe and Elizabeth are hard at work.

Our lovely Ruth.

Again thank you everyone for making my dream come true.  More behind the scene pics soon.  Enjoy the sunshine.

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29 07 2010

I am amazzzed as usual. Love how your designs melt into the landscape. You are a genius!

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