Fun Adventure

28 07 2010

More pics from our A/W 10 behind the scene.  Thanks very much everyone for liking our shoot so far.  We are all looking forward to see Elizabeth’s finish images.  Thanks again for your email of comments.  You guys made my day!

Lovely Zoe and the Forest dress.  Katie really did such a brilliant job styling our IDOM girls.

Nick, Katie and Ruth are hard at work.

These trees behind the ranch were amazing.  I love the dramatic shapes.

Beautiful Ruth. Maria did such a stunning work on Ruth and Zoe.  I adore Maria’s make up and hair sensibility.  Gorgeous!

This dress was actually inspired by texture of crevice on mountains and rocks.  Influenced by Smith Rock and Blue Mountains via Australia.  Zoe looks fabulous in this piece.

Elizabeth lovely father John, aka “The Chief”.  The nickname was given to him by Maria our makeup artist.  It suits him so well.  He was our scout location leader.  John was so kind driving me around on Friday night looking for perfect locations.  He found us  beautiful places to shoot.  Thank you John.

John also found Katie some treasures.  Antique tin cans for her collection.  Ruth found us cool tumbleweed.  We had so much fun out there.

Many thanks to our incredible team of friends and professionals who gave up their time and their weekend to make this shoot possible.  We can’t wait to get back together again this weekend for studio shoot.  Looking forward to another adventure.  Thanks very much again.

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